Mr. Steam’s character design:

The concept for Mr. Steam was commissioned by Sistemas do Futuro for  Museu Nacional Ferroviário, the portuguese National Railway Museum.

I designed Mr. Steam using free hand drawing for the first concepts and vector illustration for adding detail and color. The whole project was managed by Sistemas do Futuro and involved a wide rage of expertise, including 3D Art & Animation along with 3D Augmented Reality developed by 3DECIDE.

This project has been awarded with the SILVER PRIZE – GRAND PRIX DU MOYEN METRAGE, in the International Festival FIAMP 2014.

About Sistemas do Futuro:

“Sistemas do Futuro is the reference company in Portugal regarding Cultural and Natural Heritage through the use of new technologies, with more than 15 years of experience in national and international markets. They are known for an open attitude, working with specialized partners, in order to always deliver the best and innovative results to their clients.”

More Info:

FIAMP 2014 Website  | YouTube Video | AVICOM Website