About Ludi Saeculares Project:

The concept for Ludi Saeculares was commissioned by Sistemas do Futuro for D. Diogo de Sousa, a Museum of Archaeology, located in Braga, a city in the northern part of Portugal.

“This project is a didactic playful game available in digital format on the Internet, alluding to the Roman occupation in northern Portugal. Ludi saeculares was the name given to the great Roman games that took place once every century.

In the year 17 BC, the Emperor Augustus promoted the realization of this festival, whose program consisted games, runs, plays, religious ceremonies and sacrifices designed to get the protection of the Roman deities. This great celebration took place not only in Rome, as in other cities of the Roman Empire. In the excavations of Bracara Augusta was found a game piece, with the inscription of this festival, which inspired the project name.”

About my role in this project:

I was given the tasks of designing the main character, the graphic user interface and the illustrations of thirty life stories that will be collected by the player in the game process.

This project has been awarded with the “Bronze Web’Art Special Prize” in the category “SPECIAL WEB’ART: online exhibit or program.”

About Sistemas do Futuro:

“Sistemas do Futuro is the reference company in Portugal regarding Cultural and Natural Heritage through the use of new technologies, with more than 15 years of experience in national and international markets. They are known for an open attitude, working with specialized partners, in order to always deliver the best and innovative results to their clients.”

More Info:

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